Chris Brown's 'Blood On My Hands' Off The 'Royalty International EP'

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While Chris Brown still hasn't been welcomed back to the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland due to his past legal issues, he still wants his fans to know that he cares about them.

Brown released the Royalty International EP which featured five songs including "Blood On My Hands."

The Royalty International EP was a gift to Brown's fans during the season of giving. Since he was unable to gift them himself performing live, what better way than to release five new tracks that were exclusive to the international regions.

The Royalty International EP features "Blood On My Hands" (audio below), "Shattered," "Lonely Dancer," "The 80s" and "Blue Jeans" which features Future.

Audio for "Blood On My Hands," "Shattered" and "Lonely Dancer" have surfaced and all feature a dance/pop/disco vibe.

It's safe to assume that "The 80s" will follow that pattern while "Blue Jeans" may take on more of a trap sound as it was revealed that Metro Boomin, Danja and Sonny Digital had hands in the production.

Brown's Royalty didn't quite have what it takes to top Adele but still managed to make an impressive debut at #3. You can check out "Blood On My Hands" below.

Listen to Chris Brown's "Blood On My Hands" below.