Indie Rockers, Latimer House, Drops New Summer Singles - Back in the Studio

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For all you indie-rock and indie-pop lovers out there, we have the newest from Latimer House, the rising and eccentric indie band from Prague.

The quartet's newest singles "Birdcage Walk" and "Until Then" were released this summer after the success of their critically acclaimed full-length album 'All The Rage'.

This summer has been a successful one for the rising band. Latimer House spent time in July and August in the recording studio working on new material and their next full-length album, which is set to be released in 2015.

Along with the drop of their new singles, Latimer House also wants their fans to take a listen to "Splash!", a track that is definitely worth the listen and add to your end-of-summer playlists.

With similar sounds compared to The Smiths, Phoenix, The Strokes and The Talking Heads - Latimer House is bound to win over new listeners and please their fans with their latest upbeat and poppy tracks. Latimer House uses musical influences from many different genres and eras of music.

The band formed back in 2010 when its members decided to get together in a studio room to brainstorm and put together song ideas.

It was in 2012 when the entire band joined forces with Derek Saxenmeyer to record their collection of catchy tunes at Faust Studios in Prague.

Their first single, 'This Is Pop', was actually the last track the band recorded in the studio.

Latimer House's sound is a mix of catchy vocals, synthy backgrounds with a touch of English rock and pop.

The band has a very synthesized sound that reminds me a lot of the same sound Talking Heads had during their psychedlic pop years back in the 70's and 80's.

For some of Latimer House's tracks, there is more of a current day indie-pop and rock sound that can be relatable to those of Phoenix and The Strokes.

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