Chanel West Coast Releases 'Bad Things,' Brand New Track

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She's still a pretty underrated lyricist but manages to create bangers and Chanel West Coast's newest track "Bad Things" has all the makings of a radio hit to come.

(Audio Below)

Starting out as the product of "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," Chanel West Coast has created a career path all her own by signing with Young Money and making some pretty hot music. "Bad Things" features a trippy beat that will hypnotize you.

It's an anthem for ladies who are describing their ideal man that they would put on a pedestal. She has completely broken out of her shell from her shy days as Dyrdek's secretary.

"With her latest track, 'Bad Things,' Chanel reminds listeners both of where she's been, and where she's going," reports Nylon.

"With lyrics that would make even a spring breaker blush--'high up on some medical,' 'sex with the engine running,' 'tie you up with his Louis belt,' 'running like a rat in this bitch,' and 'harder than a boulder,' to list a few--Chanel may very well be up to no good."

You can catch the track below and CWC on MTV's "Ridiculousness" Thursdays at 10 PM EST.

Listen to "Bad Things" below.

Just dropped my new song #BadThings! Check it out now or at @nylonmag

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