Lindsey Stirling Releases New 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Music Video

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If you didn't love Lindsey Stirling's dubstep violin beat breakdowns before, give the epic "Dragon Age: Inquisition" theme song a listen through.

With a very "Lord of the Rings"-meets-"Game of Thrones" vibe, the violinist and YouTube musician makes slaying dragons with beautiful music look both fun and easy.

In the video, Stirling finds herself magically imbued with the green glowing power of perfect string-instrument playing, wielding a flaming violin bow, and indicative of the awesome power bestowed in "Dragon Age: Inquisition."

Using the power of musical talent, she teams up with a badass knight who can shoot bright green lightning from his hands, and is ready to set out to complete what is likely the quest-iest of quests.

She also looks wicked hot in a Middle Earth-esque corset and flowing green cape.

See the stunning video here:

The deluxe version of Stirling's album "Shatter Me" will be released November 28, and includes an acoustic version of "Shatter Me" and a 48-page full color magazine.

"Shatter Me" is her second album, and was hailed as a more progressive and complex follow up to her debut.

Her style is the perfect fit to play the theme for "Dragon Age: Inquisition", a sprawling fantasy epic destined for legendary status, and currently available for play and purchase.

Check out the trailer, also featuring Stirling's violin swings: