Acoustic Songwriter, Juliette Jules, Releases Debut EP on 16th Birthday

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As music lovers, we are always on the lookout for young and incredible talent. Juliette Jules is just that.

The 16 year old singer and songwriter from Paris writes her own emotive and honest lyrics, guided by personal inspiration from Patti Smith, The Sex Pistols and Leonard Cohen.

Her music is similar sounding to that of Lana Del Rey, Adele, Angus and Julia Stone and even Stevie Nicks.

At just the young age of 16, Jules released her debut EP 'Black Crow' just last week on May 23rd, her 16th birthday.

"Today is my 16th birthday," the young indie-folk and acoustic artist explained. "Music is very special to me so I would like to give this gift of my first EP to you. I hope you enjoy it, thank you."

Jules got her start in music at an early age. She bought her first guitar when she was 13, which she paid for by selling one of her paintings.

For such a young age, the artist covers a variety of topics in her songwriting, including love and loss, along with the importance of friends and family.

Her sound is classic and soothing - and certainly something that should be listened to and shared with those who appreciate music around the world.

Be sure to take a listen to what Juliette Jules has to offer with her newly released debut EP 'Black Crow' by listening below on Soundcloud, and for more information on the young musical prodigy with an angelic voice, visit