Eric Bellinger's 'Dabbin On Christmas' is A New Type of Holiday Track

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Rapper/Singer Eric Bellinger created a holiday track that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton would be proud of. The new song is titled, "Dabbin On Christmas," and is meant to get you in a dancing spirit for the holidays.

Bellinger uses another popular dance craze other than the Whip/Nae Nae to create an outlandish and braggadocios Christmas track. Bellinger lets fans know that he has everything on his wish list and as a result he will be celebrating the special holiday by "Dabbin On Christmas." The track is not long by any means coming in at under two minutes in length.

"Dabbin On Christmas" looks to be one of Bellinger's presents to his fans as the 2015 year closes.

NFL fans know that quarterback Cam Newton has consistently used the dabbin dance in all of his touchdown celebrations and so have some of his teammates. The dance continues to grow in popularity and with tracks like "Dabbin On Christmas," the craze is reaching that of Silento's Whip/Nae Nae.

"Dabbin On Christmas" is part of a three track offering from Belling which also includes, "For That One Time" featuring ARoc and "Mrs.

Klaus." If you plan on "Dabbin On Christmas" well, now you have the perfect song to do it to.

Listen to "Dabbin On Christmas" below.