Listen to Howard Stern Talk Bodily Odors, Evil Twin with Wendy the Slow Adult

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Today on the Howard Stern show, Howard played an interview that Wolfie did with Wendy the slow adult. Wendy then called in to discuss some of the craziest things she does.

Howard asked her about some of her most disgusting habits, like picking her ear and smelling it and smelling other parts of her body.

Wendy took Wolfie on a dumpster diving trip, showing him the meats and other rotten foods that she eats.

In another clip, Wolfie watches Wendy begging in a department store. Wendy lies and says she has three kids that she needs to feed.

She explained that people give more money to beggars with kids. Wendy does well - she has wads of money in her Fanny pack.

Howard Stern Talks Fast Food With Wendy

What does Wendy do with all that money? Howard played a recording of Wolfie talking to the worker at the department store, who says Wendy buys energy drinks and pizza. Her favorite restaurant is Denny's.

Wolfie and Wendy later went to a fast food restaurant where Wendy ordered multiple burgers and chilies. You can hear her fast food order here:

Wendy then spoke with Howard Stern about her crush on Jason. Jason says that Wendy is one of his easiest friends to deal with.

Finally Wendy talks about her "evil twin" with Howard, and hilarious dialogue ensues. The "evil twin," named Wendy Jr.

tells her not to shower -- and swears at her. Sometimes, the "evil twin" tells Wendy to rob armored cars, but Wendy doesn't listen.

Robin, surprised, notes that the evil twin is being illogical. According to Howard, the evil twin has a very high IQ. You can listen to it here:

Finally, Howard and Wendy discuss high-pitch Erik's proposal to Wendy. Wendy didn't want to marry him because he threatens others.

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