Max Elto Releases "Shadow of the Sun"

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Max Elto, the Swedish duo, has released a follow up to their debut single "Backyard Animals" with the equally infectious and melodious "Shadow of the Sun".

Both singles released are in promotion and preparation for their upcoming EP 'Taped Rai' due for release on January 14th via Big Beat Records.

The singles have gained much international press success, and have been described as an "icy electronic-based, slow-burner that has touches of The XX's elegant restraint mixed with that typical Scandinavian edge," as described by Pigeons and Planes.

VICE Magazine described the singles as "airy and dreamlike, slow-building, minimalist, glacially downbeat electro cut."

The mysterious duo, Alex and Tom, first began to collaborate in 2012, when they found that they had something special and different to offer to the music scene. They recently signed to Big Beat Records of Atlantic Records, and both singles are a taste to fans and music listeners around the world on what is yet to come from the talented electro duo.

Both singles are perfect examples of showcases of Tom's "unique ability to blend deep-house grooves with complex sensibilities, altogether carried by the melodic voice of Alex".

Be sure to check out Max Elto if you are a fan of eclectic and electronic beats, for the singles are now available and their album 'Taped Rai' is due for release in mid January.