Max B 'Silver Surfer' Ft. Wiz Khalifa Joe Young and Alpac Surfaces

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A new version of Joe Young's "Silver Surfer" featuring Max B has surfaced and it features Wiz Khalifa and Alpac. Is this the reason Khalifa voiced his opinion on Kanye West's album title?

The new version of the "Silver Surfer" track featuring Khalifa and Alpac is actually available for purchase on iTunes and comes after a short feud between Kanye West and Khalifa.

The feud has since been resolved and it looks like both artists were able to jump on tracks with the "Wavegod" Max B.

Max B has jumped into heavy relevance thanks to the feud and mediation from French Montana. It seems like everything that has his name in it has been the center of attention despite the fact that he is currently behind bars.

For fans who really appreciated the "wavey" movement, this could be a pretty good sign of new music coming. In the meantime, you can check out the audio of "Silver Surfer" below.

Joe Young's "Silver Surfer" ft. Wiz Khalifa, Max B and Alpac