Erykah Badu Releases 'Trill Friends' Remix of Kanye West's 'Real Friends'

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Last week Kanye West almost broke the internet with the release of "Real Friends" and the "No More Parties In LA" snippet featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Today Erykah Badu dropped "Trill Friends," a remix of Kanye's track executed in a spectacular form.

It's safe to say that Kanye is back to his original form with deep lyrics that deal with real life situations.

"Real Friends" speaks volumes when it comes the meaning of friendship and the people you call your "Real Friends." Badu expands on the notion friendship in "Trill Friends" by stressing that much of the time we abuse the term friends, more so "Real Friends." In "Trill Friends" Badu sings, "some of them we wish we never knew at all," magnifying the fact that some of the people we call friends may have brought us down at points or just overall become people you've grown up and moved on from.

Badu calls her remix the BADU WHODINI rough mix and uses the original production. She adds layers with the melodic loops that give the track a fresh new take.

It's not clear whether or not "Trill Friends" will make Badu's forth coming mix tape THIS $h!t TOO EASY.

Badu also remixed Drake's "Hotline Bling" in 2015 and her timeless sound proves that she can pretty much turn anything so touches to gold. Check out the "Trill Friends" remix of Kanye's "Real Friends" below.

Listen to Erykah Badu's "Trill Friends" below.