Adam Levine Chats About His Daughter And More On The Ellen Show

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Maroon 5 has been all over the radio with new hits but still found some time to visit The Ellen Show.

Front man Adam Levine sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres as they chatted about his daughter, The Voice and much more.

DeGeneres welcomed Levine to the show and kicked off the visit by congratulating him on having his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Levine said he didn't even dream that it could be possible and it was so far from his mind. You can find his star in front of the music institute.

Levine's friend Blake Shelton was there to make a speech for him as he received the honor and Levine said Shelton was actually charming and nice. The singer said he was totally shocked by he kind words from his friend.

He joked that he does like DeGeneres more than Shelton does because they talk more often. DeGeneres said she actually named Levine's daughter.

Levine actually owned up to it and when some photos of his daughter popped up DeGeneres jokingly said, "who would have thought that you and a super model would make such a beautiful baby." Meanwhile, Levine is heading back to The Voice and he said it's weird doing it so close together.

He added the fact that Gwen Stefani is making her return as a judge and it will be weird to have a couple on the stage. However, he likes to rub the fact that Shelton's girlfriend is sitting next to him in Shelton's face.

Levine also dished about some of the new Maroon 5 music that we've been hearing and more to come. You can check out the hilarious interview with Adam Levine in The Ellen Show videos below.

Adam Levine Chats About His Daughter And More On The Ellen Show

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