Migos Release 'Hit Em' Off 'Rich N***a Timeline' Mixtape

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The Atlanta super group Migos release a brand new track titled, "Hit Em" off the "Rich N***a Timeline" mixtape set to release tomorrow.

(Audio Below)

"Beginning with delicate, flute-like synths, the track soon incorporates booming bass and distant sirens," says HotNewHipHop's Patrick Lyons. "Midway through, a beautiful, methodical piano line comes fluttering through, adding a bittersweet vibe to this otherwise celebratory track."

The Migos are no stranger to fight music which is exactly what this track is.

Not only do they talk about hitting other bare hands, but they also speak about hittin' their girl in a sexual way and firing shots at people who give them problems.

According to HotNewHipHop.com, the "Rich N***a Timeline" mixtape is scheduled to release tomorrow and Migos has already taken to Twitter to build the hype by asking fans if they are ready to download their tape tomorrow.

Listen to "Hit Em"