Miguel and Travis Scott Collab on the 'Waves' Remix

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Well we have the answer to the question we posed yesterday.

Travis Scott wasn't teasing a Kanye West appearance on the new album title Waves. He was teasing his feature on the remix of Miguel's track "Waves," and honestly we're just as happy with this surprise.

Miguel released the "Waves" remix to his Soundcloud account and it's the original mix with the Travis Scott twist.

The ad-libs from Scott have become a trademark when it comes to letting fans know that he is associated with the track they are listening to.

The "Waves" remix is pretty awesome and it's nice to hear a new verse from Scott who doesn't seem to have his foot off the gas in 2016.

As for Miguel, his Wildheart album was among one of 2016's best pieces of work. He is consistently producing original music that is true to his artistry and fans are more impressed with each project.

The "Waves" remix oddly enough comes when Kanye West decided to change the name of his album to Waves.

So, Swish is now a thing of the past but everyone seems to be referencing the waves in 2016. What would Max B say?

Listen/Stream the "Waves" remix by Miguel ft. Travis Scott