Canadian Rock Band, Random Order, Prepares for Late-July Release

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Random Order, the sub-rock superstars from Toronto, are preparing for their upcoming album release of 'Black Lipstick Kiss', set to be released in late July.

In preparation to their mid-summer release, the band has streamed their album on Soundcloud for fans and music lovers to take a listening to as a preview of what to expect.

Take a listen to Random Order's eclectic new material below!

Random Order has been together for nearly two decades and has performed all around the globe, charting the Canadian Top 30 and evening opening for artists as diverse as Joan Osborne and Salt-n-Pepa.

The band has a list of musical influences with a wide range of genres, including PJ Harvey, The Pixies and The Clash.

For their new album 'Black Lipstick Kiss', Random Order channeled their inner spies by taking cues from Twin Peaks, Quentin Tarantino films and James Bond movies. The album is described as "spine tingling swamp rock reggae" that attracts a diverse cultural audience.

The eclectic release will be availble July 29th, be sure to stay tuned for more details to come. For more information, releases and tour date announcements from Random Order, visit