Neurosis Frontman's Wife Stricken With Mysterious Illness

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A GoFundMe has been opened to help them cover the medical costs; now is the time to show scene solidarity.

Legendary doom/post-metal band Neurosis' frontman Scott Kelly's wife has recently been stricken with a mysterious illness. It's reported that she woke up recently completely unable to see or walk.

She has since been checked into a hospital to be evaluated and seek treatment, but as of yet, and here's the scariest part, the doctors aren't even sure what she has.

Her sight apparently has been slowly returning, but she is still unable to walk.

This is a scary as hell thing for anyone to face, but it's even scarier in certain ways for the families of people in the music world, especially underground music.

Musicians don't tend to exactly have the most robust healthcare; even with the Affordable Care Act making marketplace healthcare plans available, many musicians find themselves unable to get plans that cover more than basic healthcare needs or have massive deductibles and very little coverage for more in-depth tests.

It's not unheard of for musicians to attempt to seek coverage through their spouse's or significant other's insurance policies, but this isn't always available.

A GoFundMe page has been started by friends of the Kelly's in order to help them with their medical bills and is accepting public donations.

They are seeking $50,000, which is a steep amount, but they are over halfway in only one day.

There's a lot of talk about caring about the scene, or caring about musicians and artists and fellow fans and community members as more than just people who generate and prop up what entertains us, and things like this are perfect ways to put that into action.

They are accepting donations of any amount and all the money goes toward helping the wife of a man who's music has touched so many get the treatment she deserves to recover as quickly and safely as possible.

If you have a dollar or two to spare, this is a great way to show direct support in a very human, compassionate way.