Howard Stern, Kevin Nealon Talk SNL, Auditions, Pranking Conan (Listen)

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Today, Kevin Nealon joined Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Show to talk about SNL, auditions, and his new projects.

Howard and Kevin first discussed auditioning for Cheers. Kevin went through five stages of auditions but didn't get the part. Howard got hung up on how Kevin felt after being rejected from the show.

They then turned to discussing Kevin's audition for Saturday Night Live.

Kevin explained that Dana Carvey called him to tell him about the interview. He did some standup in his audition, thinking he wouldn't get the part, and then a few weeks later he was working with Lorne Michaels.

They then turned to talking about Kevin's new show, Man with a Plan, where he is working with Matt LeBlanc. Kevin enjoys the show because he doesn't have to be on the road a lot.

On Man with a Plan, Kevin plays Matt LeBlanc's older brother.

Regarding Matt, Kevin explains that the two had excellent chemistry. At the audition, Kevin was a bit nervous, but Matt said his timing was excellent. Howard didn't know that Matt was on Top Gear or Episodes.

They continued and discussed Garry Shandling. Gary was very good friends with Kevin Nealon -- their lives "melded together."

Kevin explained that right before Garry died, he asked Kevin to go on the road with him. Kevin recounted a story about Garry french-kissing a dog. The dog was the longest, best relationship Garry ever had.

Kevin also discussed how Garry was always searching for the meaning of life, becoming a Buddhist and doing meditation.

Garry and Kevin used to go visiting open houses in the Hollywood Hills. They called it "hiking."

Finally, Howard and Kevin talked about pranking Conan O'Brien. Kevin told Conan that he had a lookalike agency, and he brought out a few lookalikes.

Then, he brought out the real David Duchnovny and Garry Shandling, who pretended they were lookalikes playing themselves. Conan was totally caught off-guard.

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