Lukas Graham, TENDER, The Fooo Conspiracy & Majid Jordan Top Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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It looks like Lukas Graham, TENDER, The Fooo Conspiracy and Majid Jordan have taken over the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart top four spots in grand fashion.

In at number one is Lukas Graham and his hit song "7 Years." Graham's heartfelt track and soulful sounds shines on "7 Years." The life of his how he became a singer/songwriter is chronicled along with some predictions for the future.

The collective band hails from Denmark and is making quite the name for themselves with "7 Years." If you haven't heard the track yet you can check out the lyric video for "7 Years" below. Lukas Graham's self-tiled album is scheduled to be released on March 25.

"7 Years" by Lukas Graham

The number two spot belongs to London alternative group Tender and their track "Lost." With a mixture of electronic sounds and sultry lyrics, Tender is breaking on to the scene in a big way.

"Lost" is a very well produced track featuring multiple layers making for a very smooth listening experience.

Tender's Soundcloud account features five tracks one of which is a cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling." You can check out "Lost" below and look out for the groups Tender EP II which will be available on Friday, February 12.

"Lost" by Tender

The Swedish pop band The Fooo Conspiracy has jumped into the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart with "My Girl." The Fooo Conspiracy's "My Girl" is a mix of pop and EDM making it pretty relevant in the realm of music right now.

The track is very catchy especially with it's repetitive chorus and jazzy breakdown in the final third of the track. You can check out The Fooo Conspiracy's "My Girl" music video below.

"My Girl" by The Fooo Conspiracy

Last week Majid Jordan released their self-titled debut album featuring "King City," a track that rounds out the number four spot on the charts. Much of the songs on the album are structured to fit a chill electronic vibe with R&B tones.

The album marked a pretty impressive debut for the duo that reps the OVO Sound label. You can check out the recently released "King City" music video below.

"King City" by Majid Jordan