Marla Mase Prepares for February Release

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Come late February, the New York City native and alternative rock artist, Marla Mase, is set to release her newest EP 'Half Life'. This past year has been extremely successful for the eccentric artist.

Last February, Marla released a 16-track full-length record 'SPEAK Deluxe', an album that received glowing reviews from music critics around the world. She also has since then has signed to True Groove Records.

'Half Life' was named from a quote by Junot Diaz, "the half-life of love is forever", and at first was viewed as controversial. Marla explained that she "wanted to go back to the personal.

They say you can't find the universal in the personal." And that is exactly what the upcoming EP has to offer to listeners: a look into the personal life of Marla Mase.

Marla is the definition of a woman that really does it all, and she even has the ability to mix many different genres into her masterminded work.

The writer, performer, producer, singer and songwriter mixes different music styles including alternative rock, classic rock, punk, soul, experimental, and even throws in some spoken word and poetry to her music.

She is the perfect example of one for woman power.

"Marla is known for her provocative, raw performance style and intelligent lyrics," a recent press release described the talented woman's work.

Aside from writing and singing about personal problems, such as breakups, re-evaluating her life, obsessions, Marla also has the ability to portray strong messages on political and social viewpoints through her music. Touching on topics including human rights, feminism and eating disorders are all featured on her previous album. Alongside from writing about these serious and touchy issues, Marla created Annarexia, a non-profit to help empower women to love both themselves and the bodies they live in.

Proceeds from her organization go towards, which is another non-profit created by two teenage girls who have survived their past eating disorders.

Their organization provides money for young girls whose families can not afford to pay for treatment to overcome their disorders.

Marla has been awarded a "Messenger of Peace" award for her work as both a writer and performer by the United Nations when she was invited to perform at UN Global Peace Day in Linzhou City, China. She brings a new message of peace with her music, something that we haven't seen play a dominant rule in music in decades.

The messages she delivers through her work are not only moving while you are listening to it, but also inspiring. After listening to some tracks off her last album, I was honestly deeply moved.

Marla's performances are a work of art in themselves.

While performing, she also incorporated spoken word, dance and visual images to "explore themes of confinement, sexuality, body image, trauma, internal and external oppression and freedom as a means of celebrating the raw reality of our human condition as expressed through the eyes, bodies and voices of women".

For musicians, artists, activists and everyone in between, a look into what Marla Mase has to offer through her work is certainly inspiring and worth the time.

Be sure to download Marla Mase's upcoming EP 'Half Life', available February 25th. Watch Marla perform her single "That Wall" live with the YouTube link below, and for more information on Marla and upcoming news, visit!