Fans Have Spoken: Mac Miller Should Tour With...

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Mac Miller has been on a tour break for a while and is looking forward to season 2 of 'Most Dope' on MTV. However, recently Mac tweeted out Who do you wanna see me go on tour with? and the response from his fans was pretty overwhelming. It seems like Mac fans are getting restless.

So last week we put the question to you the fans, and we were pretty surprised by the response. Tyler The Creator, Drake and Ariana Grande did well but the overwhelming winner was surprisingly Schoolboy Q. The reason this one is surprising is because of all the choices available.

Where it's not surprising is the amount of times the two have worked together.

Most notably the two worked together in 2013 on the song 'Gees' which was produced by Chuck English. There was also the song 'Melt' and 'Friends' which were to follow.

Schoolboy Q is actually a perfect fit for Mac and suits his new style, not his 'Best Day Ever' style. The thing is, Mac Miller no longer has a record label working with him after he and Rostrum parted ways back in January.

So he is completely independent and I'm not sure how much harder that makes it for Mac to set up a tour. Either way, a tour is long overdue and Schoolboy Q is your choice!