King Buzzo of the Melvins to Release Solo Album

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Buzz Osborne, legendary frontman of the Melvins, just announced that he will be releasing a solo acoustic album on June 3rd. This will be Buzz's first full-length solo album and will be titled 'This Machine Kills Artists.'

Buzz is currently wrapping up a 15-date solo tour meant to promote the album. Naturally, it will be quite a departure from the Melvins' trademark sludge-metal sound, but it'll be exciting to see Buzz stripped down for a change.

The album will be released on Ipecac Recordings and will be followed by an extensive North American tour.

You can hear a recording of the song "Dark Brown Teeth," from the upcoming album here:

Don't worry, Melvins fans, the band's still going strong. In fact, they just celebrated their 30th anniversary this past year and plan on putting out another album in the near future, according to an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.