Dej Loaf Takes On Nardwuar & Releases 'I Got Problems' & 'You Don't Know Me'

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You know you're headed in the right direction if you're approached by the Human Serviette "Nardwuar" for an interview.

Dej Loaf joins the long list of celebrities interviewed by Nardwuar and releases two new tracks titled, "I Got Problems" and "You Don't Know Me."

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Despite her cold, Dej Loaf is still enjoying increased success with Nicki Minaj on the "Pinkprint Tour." While in Vancouver, British Columbia, Loaf participated in an interview with Nardwuar who is famous for his wacky and crazy interviews with celebrities.

"You know I care about music, I care about making a difference, I really love this sh*t so, you know, I want it forever," Loaf said in the interview when asked why people should care about her and her music.

"A lot of people are in it for different reasons I'm only in it to make it better and to be better, you know what I mean, make Hip-Hop better."

Out now! As Promised! 2 New Tracks on My Prod By My partner @dds825

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Loaf also dropped two new tracks titled, "I Got Problems" and "You Don't Know Me." Both are pretty similar in nature with "I Got Problems" being a very harsher sounding track.

Both new cuts are right up Dej Loaf's alley and have the potential to become radio hits, whether they will be able to top the insane amount of success and buzz she had behind "Try Me" will remain to be seen.

Nardwuar V.S. Dej Loaf Interview

"You Don't Know Me"

"I Got Problems"