The Devine Xperience Basks in Success of Debut Release

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The eccentric electronic live music duo, The Devine Xperience, just released their self-titled debut album last month, and since has been basking in the success with their release hitting the #1 spot on the Progressive Breaks Chart.

The duo's sound is a mix of dubstep and electro, trance and acids, in which they create something new and original.

The Devine Xperience - similar to the sound of Bassnectar, The Crystal Method and The Freestylers - consists of Robert Jaros and Vanessa Garic.

Jaros first got his start in music at a young age when he began playing piano, continuing on to learn drums and percussion, as well as guitar and bass. He performed live with a number of punk bands during his high school years, but then attended his first rave - which changed his life forever.

From there, Jaros began to producer his own music, performing at shows in the rave scene and parties around the country.

He then formed The Devine Xperience with Garic, with the dream to create magical and unique music, bringing the "sound into ears of all across the glove in the form of The Devine Xperience".

Garic is a renowned artist and incorporated her passion for music and painting into The Devine Xperience project.

Check out The Devine Xperience's music video for "Completely in a Trance" below.

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