Howard Stern And The Crew Reveal Their Votes -- Guess Who They're Voting For?

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This morning, during the 9 AM hour of the Howard Stern Show, the crew all revealed who they plan to vote for.

So who are the Howard Stern crew members voting for?

Howard Stern

Howard Stern has said several times that he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton. He has said in the past that the audio clips about Donald Trump from his radio show are indicative of the kind of person Trump is.


Robin has also said many times that she plans to vote for Clinton. She and Sal are very much opposites on the political spectrum, and it shows.


Sal says that he's voting for Donald Trump. He refuses to accept the implica,into hiding if that happened to him.

Sal also calls Clinton "a leper" and says she's too sick to be president.

Howard and Robin laugh about Sal's answer: "his logic works perfectly..." Robin says "that's why I laughed when he said he has logical reasons...he's never had logical thoughts."


At first, Jon refuses to say who he voted for. He voted for Obama in 2012, which angers Sal. Jon is going to vote for Hillary, but he's unhappy about it. But he's certain he can never vote for Trump.


Howard doesn't think Ronnie votes, but he says he is voting this time (he didn't last time). He plans to vote for Trump because he hopes Trump will run the country like a business.

On top of those reasons, he said "I don't like her." He calls her a gypsy.

When Howard asks Ronnie what policies of Trump's he likes.

Ronnie starts off by saying "he's gonna run the country like a business." When Howard presses him further, he starts going off on Obamacare, which he doesn't like because "it sucks!"


Brent is voting for Hillary Clinton.


Fred is voting for Hillary. He says Trump is too close to the Russians, he's phony about abortion, and he cheats the system due to his greed and mismanagement.

He asks Ronnie if he cares about the little guy. Ronnie says yes, but Fred says Trump "will kill the f--- little guy."

Fred starts to make fun of Ronnie. Ronnie admits that Fred has facts, but Ronnie wants to go by his feelings.

When Fred asks Ronnie what Trump will do about Obamacare, Ronnie says he doesn't know -- he "has people!" They'll solve it.


Richard doesn't want to talk about his vote because he doesn't want to anger anyone.

Richard voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and Obama in 2008. Richard thinks he's going to vote for Hillary Clinton, but he's not sure. He says the most important thing to him is high-speed rail.

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