Trinidad James Dropped From Def Jam, Releases 'Doin' Me'

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Trinidad Jame$ announced that he was dropped from Def Jam this weekend according to, in return he dropped 'Doin' Me' and also said that his album will be released for free.

"The rapper said he'd be dropping his debut album for free, and told all the producers/artists who contributed to it that he'd only have daps to give them," says Rose Lilah of After "All Gold Everything," it was some-what of a struggle for Jame$.

Jame$ declares that he is back to doing him now in the song and he highlights his life with fame and what it has become ever since he broke the airwaves.

The song is produced by Raak and contains a nice smooth beat that seems a bit like an ending to an album.

Does it signify an end to Jame$ or will he find new success elsewhere? Either way the track marks a new place in his career.

Jame$ currently hosts a YouTube show titled "1rst and 15th," which highlights his appreciation and love for "the sneaker game." Head over to to check out the new song.