Goste Releases Third EP 'Eugene'

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An artist to look out for as we head straight into 2015 is Goste, a Brooklyn-based experimental electronic producer.

Goste, also known as Owen Ross, is a hat trick of an artist and a multi-talented musician who is beyond proficient in producing, instrumentals and composing. For those who are fans of Mt.

Kimbie, Alt-J, James Blake and Tom Waits, you are sure to fall head over heels for the work of Goste.

He has been described by critics as, "one of those rare producers in experimental electronic music who adds his own vocals to tracks instead of samples." His music and eclectic sounds transfer into "an offbeat performance, art space or any venue where people come to really listen to music."

Owen Ross got his start in music before heading to attend and graduate college from Berklee College of Music. After graduation, he spent his time touring around the States as a guitarist before moving to New York and beginning his own solo project, Goste.

Now when touring, he performs both full-band shows and solo-shows, where he sings, plays guitar and operates his laptop all at once. Talk about multi-talented!

Goste just recently returned home from his touring across the United States and Europe in support of his last EP Deleted Scenes. The man sure is busy, for just last week, Goste dropped his third EP Eugene and celebrated the much anticipated release with a performance at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn.

The new EP "walks the line between raw, organic instruments and ethereal samples and production." Goste's new EP Eugene is mesmerizing and an escape.

Listening to the 6-track release, Goste puts you inside of his music with the technicality of instrumentation and production, I could only imagine what hearing his work live is like, and look forward to the opportunity to.

Listen to Goste's recent track release "Loadedlikeapistol" below, and for more information and updates on Goste, be sure to visit his social network platforms. There's much more to come from this electronic artist as we head into 2015.