Disney and Deadmau5 Still In Dispute

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Earlier this month, Disney tried to stop popular EDM producer Deadmau5 from patenting his iconic mouse logo, claiming that it was too similar to the company's Mickey Mouse character and that the patent would "damage its business."

In retaliation, Deadmau5 sent Disney a cease-and-desist letter for their use of his track "Ghosts n' Stuff" in an online video titled "Ghosts n' Stuff Re-micks."

Now, Alternative Press is reporting that Disney has issued an official statement to Rolling Stone, saying that "the music was appropriately licensed" and "there is no merit to [Deadmau5's] claims." Disney also reasserted its right to block the patent, while noting that they have no plans to stop Deadmau5 from using his mouse costume live.

Deadmau5 also tweeted "I wish disney wasnt such a "corperation". We could have done great things together."