The Blue Project Releases Self-Titled Album

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In late November, the blues and jazz act, The Blue Project, released their self-titled album.

Rising from the home of Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, New Jersey, The Blue Project was created by Danny Petroni, an American composer, songwriter and guitarist.

The Blue Project has been compared with similar sounds to Charles Bradley, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton, American South and Louis Jordan - all extremely talented and well renowned in the blues and jazz genres.

Petroni has a strong background in music. He started his career by learning to play guitar at the young age of 13. While attending high school at Trenton High School, he was taught by jazz professional Tom Passarella and Tom Grice.

He then went on to complete a jazz studies program at Rutger University, where he was awarded a Pee Wee Russell scholarship.

After graduated from college, Petroni studied in Vienna, Austria at the American School for Music, and stayed in Europe for a few years after, moving to Italy to start working with Tony Scott and Luther Thomas, world renowned clarinetist and saxophonist.

Petroni returned to America in the early 80's and joined the Luther Thomas Dizzazz Band.

During the length of his career before beginning his project The Blue Project, he performed with some of most memorable jazz musicians, including Steve Nelson, Frank Lazy and Tony Scott.

The Blue Project is something that truly shows the talent and hard work that Petroni has put into not only building his musical career, but also himself.

The latest release 'The Blue Project' is a record of easy listening and smooth sounds.

There's always a time where you have to slow down, take a step back and slip into a state of relaxation and comfort - this album puts you there.

For more information on Danny Petroni and his The Blue Project, visit - and look for more to come from Petroni this year!