YACHT Announces Release of New EP Coming 11/11

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YACHT are excited to announce the release of a forthcoming EP, Where Does This Disco?, out 11/11 via their new label, Downtown Records.

The EP will feature previously released title track "Where Does This Disco?" alongside its Jerome LOL remix, as well as their brand new single, "Works Like Magic," which can be heard now and saw its premiere via Billboard. The band explains, "The science fiction writer J.G. Ballard once said that 'sex times technology equals the future.

We argue that sex and technology coexist in our present: we touch, we push buttons, we seek intimacy in screens.

When we connect, it works like magic. 'Works Like Magic' is the first song we've written with our close collaborators, and bandmates, Rob 'Bobby Birdman' Kieswetter and Jeffrey Brodsky."

They continue, "Where Does This Disco? EP is our latest investigation into how the present transforms into the future, blending allusions to sex, media, and technological inevitability into a soundtrack for the Anthropocene."

"Works Like Magic" is being featured in the ubiquitous new broadcast Google Chromecast ad campaign. The band, helmed by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, have been busy touring North America this past month, including three sold out shows in New York. This week, Bechtolt and Evans will also be speaking about their multidisciplinary creative approach at WIRED Magazine's WIRED by Design conference in Marin County, CA, at the legendary Skywalker Ranch, alongside a variety of renowned creatives.

YACHT will also be launching their collection of sunglasses for Chilli Beans this week, with inspiration drawn from Yayoi Kusama, the Memphis Collective, and vintage industrial design. The band explain, "we designed these sunglasses based on our own dreams--they're all sunglasses we wanted to see in the world. Chilli Beans have been delightfully indulgent, working with us to create new frame shapes and lens styles.

Some of the glasses are surreal, even camp. Others wear their specialness in more subtle ways. They're all completely wearable." The sunglasses will be available for purchase as of Wednesday, October 1st via ChilliBeans.com.