Carlotek Releases "Donna"

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The London based producer, Carlotek, has had an extremely successful year. First, he released "Darkened Soul", which received 5 star reviews from DJ Mag, along with support from huge clubs and playtime on many famous radio stations.

Now in store for Carlotek's career is the release of "Donna". The track was released last week on a Brooklyn based record label, 1980. "Donna" is described as "joyful female vocals joined together with descending Detroit-esque stabs".

There are tons of tribal vocals mixed with chimes, adding to the "simmer" of the track. There are plenty of harmonies that accompany the main melody, and then the track "switches up for a darker second melody".

The change is different and provides an eclectic listening experience for the listener.

"Donna" has gained much praise from big-time DJ's, including Paco Osuna, Slam and Martin Eyerer. To take a listen to Carlotek's latest release of "Donna" visit his SoundCloud page at