Lana Del Rey and Charli XCX Lay Low: Twitter Silent

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Lana Del Ray made big news when she revealed that "I Have Slept With a Lot of Guys in the Industry."

That news broke in late July and since then, Lana has all but abandoned her Twitter account. Here other social media accounts haven't been updated in months and shes not the only one. Singer Charli XCX hasn't touched her Twitter account since August, so why have these starlets removed themselves from the conversation? Well for Lana Del Ray, it may be as simple as a giant negative press scandal that she brought upon herself.

Though she is still doing shows, she is primarily laying low.

Charli XCX is also touring and seems to be more of an Instagram fan than anything else. She seems to be on her way to the top as her hit song Boom Clap continues to 'boom'.

Either way, it is tough to see two big female stars abandon most of their social network accounts, which is the way t o connect with fans.

Hopefully for their fans, they are spending more time in the studio and less time in front of a screen.