Nick Cannon Reveals All About Mariah on 'The Howard Stern Show' (Listen)

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Today on the Howard Stern show, Nick Cannon came on and nothing was off-limits. Howard and Nick discussed mortality, hookups, and of course Mariah.

Ever since Nick Cannon and Mariah split, Nick's been going crazy with the hookups.

Howard Stern asked him about it, and he said: "I don't need the cars I don't need the money" because he has the swag, and he can "just do it."

Nick says that he's 100% sure that every time he's with the woman she has an orgasm.

Robin questioned that, but he said that women tremble when they go to the bathroom after sex and then want to make him a sandwich.

But when Howard asked about what he says during sex, Nick said "you don't narrate the sex."

Howard then turned the conversation to Mariah. Nick says he still loves Mariah, but there's no chance that he'd want to get back with her.

Nick talked about Mariah's show and question whether it was real. In the divorce, Nick stipulated that his kids can call anyone else dad or daddy.

Howard also asked about Nick's new girlfriend. Nick said that she spiritually helped him and brought him to church - and he decided to have a child with her.

But Nick said he's never getting married again. He says that getting married can ruin a relationship. Nick said that he's always getting involved with high maintenance women because he's a pleaser. Those are the kinds of women he likes.

Nick also talked about how he wants to have more children and how he loves being involved with children.

He believes he's gonna die relatively soon because of his health issues, and he wants to take advantage of every moment he has with them.

After Howard asked him more about his health situation, Nick said that the doctors have told him he could die at any time and there's a price he's still alive.

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