Ed Sheeran Gets Surprised By Kai and More On The Ellen Show

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After making a big return with two new singles, "Shape Of You" and "Castles On The Hill," Ed Sheeran has been rolling along pretty nicely in 2017.

Sheeran stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about the impact not having a phone has made in his life, gets a little surprise from an Ellen Show favorite and performs his new hit, "Shape Of You."

DeGeneres welcomed Sheeran to the stage and told him that it was amazing how huge his career has gotten since they've known him five years ago.

Sheeran went from playing stadiums by himself and he is wondering when it's going to end.

Sheeran said it was no pressure at all being at the Grammys this year and only went out of the audience for the Justin Bieber song he helped write.

DeGeneres was talking to Scooter Braun who told her about Sheeran doing away with his phone. The singer said that he has an iPad and just works off of email.

Sheeran said he is so much less stressed and doesn't wake up to all of the messages about people wanting something.

He went to Iceland to celebrate his birthday and he said he gets really annoyed when people tell him England was lovely but they'd only been to London.

As someone who grew up in the country-side, Sheeran said there were other beautiful parts of England.

He found himself doing the same in every country he goes to. So, he decided to go outside of the capital cities and and experience more of the countries he visited.

Later on in the show, Sheeran was treated to a performance by eight-year-old Kai who visited The Ellen Show.

You can check out the awesome surprise as well as Sheeran's performance of "Shape Of You" in The Ellen Show videos below. Ed Sheeran's Divide is set to release on March 3.

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