Synth-Pop Artist, Andrea Remondini, Prepares for Debut Album Release

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This coming Thursday, May 29th, marks the release date for the Italian classically influenced progressive instrumental synth pop artist, Andrea Remondini.

His full-length album 'Non Sequitur' is similar sounding to Mike Oldfield, Rick Wakeman, Yann Tiersen and Global Communication.

Remondini, from Verona, Italy, has been creating and producing his own music since he was 12 years old. During the mid 80's, he taught himself how to play the piano and created electronic music using computers and whatever equipment he could come by.

A decade later, the artist began working as a staff songwriter, studio musician and sound engineer at an indie dance label in Italy.

From getting his foot in the door with the record label, Remondini was able to collaborate and meet many other Italian and European artists in the industry.

This all inspired the talented artist to want more with his work and to create more music. He set up his own studio and began to kickstart his music career.

Now, Remondini is creating his own music and sharing it with fans and listeners around the world. His sound is unique and certainly different than most electronic music.

"My inspiration for melodies and arrangements is much more elusive to pinpoint," Remondini explained of his work. "Sometimes, it comes from sounds I make on my synths. Sound design is one of the activities I enjoy the most, and that often sparks melodic ideas.

THings that mostly take place in the unconscious mind, I think."
Remondini's music is eclectic and soothing, with an electronic sound that is different than any other.

Something definitely worth listening to if you are in search for something different and unique.

For more information on Andrea Remondini, be sure to visit, and take a listen to 'Non Sequitur', available for purchase and download this week!