Logic's Sophmore Album 'The Incredible True Story' is Coming Faster Than We Thought

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On October 21, 2014 Logic released a game changing album titled, "Under Pressure." It hasn't been a year since the release of his debut album but he's already got his sophomore project "The Incredible True Story" scheduled to release this fall.

Logic began teasing The Incredible True Story by using the #LogicAlbum2 in July so fans knew that it was coming. However, they hadn't the slightest idea of exactly how fast Logic planned on churning out the album.

Now, the album is scheduled to be released in the fall and one can only imagine that it might be right around the same time he released "Under Pressure" last year.

Logic is calling The Incredible True Story a "motion picture Sci-Fi epic," which pretty much means something big is coming along with this project.

"Under Pressure" was a highly successful debut album sonically. It was arguably one of 2015's top Hip-Hop/Rap albums that displayed an immense amount of ability when it comes to storytelling. Logic spoke about his rise from nothing to one of the most impressive young Hip-Hop acts. The teaser video above shows Logic pounding away at a MPC as one of the most sinister beats pound in the background.

One of the samples on the MPC says "I am the greatest" and it seems to be foreshadowing Logic's bid for the top spot in Hip-Hop and proving that he can keep up with the best of the best. The teaser also speaks of a transformation again foreshadowing a different side to Logic and we all know with change not everyone is as accepting.

Somehow The Incredible True Story feels as if it will break that stereotype and prove that a transformation isn't always a bad thing.

Fall is right around the corner and now we know so is Logic's The Incredible True Story, are you ready?