Taylor Swift Debuts Fancy Looking 'Ready For It?' Music Video

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Taylor Swift has now released her latest music video for the single called "Ready For It?" The music video could potentially be one of her most fancy looking ones to date.

Ever since she became mega popular, she is able to spend more money on high quality production values.

It's hard to decipher what the video is exactly about, but Taylor Swift has had inspiration from movies and video games in her latest music video.

It appears as if she's playing a cyborg similar to the ones seen in Ghost in the Shell. The place she is in also resembles a futuristic world much like the one seen in the Blade Runner movies.

It's too bad this is just a music video because this potentially could be an awesome movie.

There are two Taylor Swifts in the music video and they battle one another. The special effects are amazing in this video and it's a genre I like since science fiction is something I'm interested in.

The actual song itself has grown on me. I remember not liking it the first time I heard it, but now I think it's catchy.

Her new album will be released very soon, and I will give you my review for it when it drops. This song gives me hope that the album will be better than I expected it to be.

The new album is called 'Reputation' and it will be released worldwide on November 10th, 2017.

You can be sure that she will release more music videos from the album in the near future. You can watch the music video for "Ready For It" down below.

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