Slowly Rolling Camera to Release Self-Titled Debut Album

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Slowly Rolling Camera is a new project and collaboration of Dave Stapleton, Deri Roberts, Dionne Bennet and Elliot Bennett. Stapleton is a pianist-composer, Roberts a producer, Dionne Bennett a vocalist and Elliot Bennett a drummer.

The four members have known each other for over 10 years now, and have tons of experience playing in many funk and soul bands. It was in 2012 that they came together to form Slowly Rolling Camera, with four different approaches in writing and production.

This creates a highly unique and original collaborate sound. The quartet have created a genre of music that "has distinct echoes of the invisible soundtracks of UK progressives Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead," a recent press release describes the band's sound.

The band has mixed many different genres to create their own personal sound, including trip-hop, jazz and drum & bass, both "ethereal and visceral, brimming with real emotion and restless intelligence". Early this year, the band is planning on the release of their self-titled debut album 'Slowly Rolling Camera'.

The album's "free flowing soul and digital funk shows a boundless approach to arrangement, from the warm, free flowing and texturally rich harmonies of tracks such as "Bridge" and "Rain That Falls" to the vibrating rhythms and ambient sounds capes of "Protagonist" and "Rolling Clouds", this is a remarkably produced album full of beauty and emotion," the press release continued to describe the upcoming album release from Slowly Rolling Camera.

For those who are a fan of Cinematic Orchestra, Portishead and even Bonobo and James Blake, you are sure to enjoy the eclectic mix of sounds Slowly Rolling Camera is producing.

Expect the release to come around February or March of 2014, but stay tuned to Empty Lighthouse for more information on exact release dates once they become available and announced.

To take a listen to some of the works of Slowly Rolling Camera, be sure to take a visit to their SoundCloud page at!