Logic and Childish Gambino Team Up For 'Driving Ms. Daisy,' Teases Logic Album On Twitter

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Rapper Logic has broken out of the underrated label to bring fans some of the hottest music and as of today "Driving Ms. Daisy" featuring Childish Gambino further solidifies his talents.

Logic addresses many topics such as where he came from, who he is now, drug use and overall the come up as a hip-hop artist in today's industry. Childish Gambino lays down a stylish verse about relationships, something that seems to be near and dar to his heart as he quoted his song "3005" which contains the same subject matter.

The song emphasizes music to drive to and all of the thoughts that pop into your head as you try to clear the cloudiness.

"Going off the lyrics and single artwork, one can see that Logic was inspired by the comedy-drama film, 'Driving Miss Daisy,'" says Billboard.com. "It's a play on the movie, where I feel like I'm Morgan Freeman driving and Ms.

Daisy is my accomplishments," said Logic in the Billboard interview.

"I'm driving on the road of success and I'm so focused on the destination that sometimes I forget to enjoy the view along the way and the 'company' in the backseat."

"The release of this new collaboration is just the start of Logic's campaign for his debut album," according to HotNewHipHop.com, "which he's been promoting hard on Twitter with the hashtag #LogicAlbum."

Logic is part of The Visionary Music Group alongside Jon Bellion and Quest and the talent far exceeds the buzz of each artist.

Listen To "Driving Ms. Daisy"