Wiz Khalifa Gushes Over Meeting Anna Farris

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Wiz Khalifia recently posted a photo of himself and actress Anna Farris (from Mom on CBS) and he made quite an interesting comment about it.

Anna, who is married to the newly minted hunk actor Chris Pratt, is known for being at various Hollywood events. Wiz Khalifa gushed at the photo stating:

I'm such a huge fan. Wish i couldve got to blaze with you

Who knows, if Amber Rose and Chris Pratt decide to run away together, Anna and Wiz may have a future. He also included a smiley face in the post which is pretty unlike the young rapper.

And since Wiz has all his social feeds connected, the photo went up on all platforms.

There doesn't seem to be much context to the meeting, but the background looks a bit like a TV set. Anna Farris is not known as a prolific pot smoker, unlike Wiz who recently sparked up on national TV.

This post comes hours after a very creepy photo of one of his friends and basketball with baby limbs. Yes, it is that weird. Either way, glad to see Wiz expressing some fandom.