Amber Rose Chose Motherhood Over Career, Books Sitcom

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Amber Rose recently sat down with VladTV and spoke about both her acting and musical career. Amber has a movie coming out July 2nd with Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart, but discussed putting her career on hold for motherhood.

Amber Rose also revealed that she went on an audition recently for a sitcom and got the part. The wife of Wiz Khalifa also admitted that she was good at memorizing lines too, which will come in handy for the new gig.

She went on to state that she also has produced alot of songs that were never released due to the birth of her son. VladTV reports:

The focus then switched to Amber's music career, which she said was put on hold when she became pregnant with her son Sebastian.

She reveals that it's hard for her to let other people care for her son, so she put motherhood ahead of her career aspirations despite having well named artists wanting to work with her.

Despite the musical history she has, she seems intent on an acting career over the next few years. Keep a look out for her in 'School Dance', which is being released on July 2nd.