Sauce Twinz and Meek Mill Release 'Winnin' Drake Diss Bring on '3 Peat'

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Just when you thought Drake buried two beefs the Sauce Twinz and Meek Mill rise up like Michael Jackson "Thriller" zombies. The Sauce Twinz and Meek Mill collaborate on an alleged Drake diss track titled, "Winnin.'"

(Audio Below)

While Meek Mill has yet to promote "Winnin'" the Sauce Twinz have surely been retweeting fans who have mentioned the track.

The track features a slamming Southern beat with a catchy hook that mentions a ride that Drake often raps about, the Rolls Royce Wraith.

No names were actually dropped by either artists but there is mention of them being real and throwing shots at "fake n****s."

That is, until the final verse where Sancho Saucey raps, "pull up to your studio with creatures, got my tigers with me, they gon' eat ya, but I ain't askin' for no f**kin' feature, I'm just sendin' shots, baby that's on Jesus."

"What makes the story even more puzzling is that we are only a month removed from both Drake and the Sauce Twinz posing for The 'Gram to promote their upcoming '2 Legitted (Remix),'" according to Hip-Hop Wired back in May, who reported on the beef between Drake and the Sauce Twinz, as well as his response to the city of Houston.

Clearly there is a direct correlation between the lyrics and one of the underlying situations in the entire beef between Drake and the Sauce Twinz.

Having Meek Mill as a feature just seems to be an issue of solidarity with people who don't quite get along with Drake.

That being said, if Drake drops the highly coveted "3 Peat" track, the internet might break, that is, if it is up to the hype.

Sauce Twinz and Meek Mill "Winnin'"