Review: Fozzy Releases Great New Album Called 'Judas'

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Chris Jericho's Fozzy band has released its latest album called 'Judas' earlier this month.

This is the band's seventh studio album to date, but thankfully Fozzy is still sounding as good as ever. In my opinion, this is the best album the band has released in many years.

Even though I love both Chris Jericho and Fozzy, I wasn't really a fan of the band's previous two albums. This was mainly because Jericho used a higher pitched voice in those albums.

The songs also sounded more poppy than the heavy metal I come to expect from a Fozzy record. Not to mention one of the albums featured an odd cover of Abba's S.O.S.

However, 'Judas' is a return to form for Fozzy as it's heavy metal and hard rock for most of the time. Some cool guitar solos can be heard in tracks such as 'Wolves at Bay' and 'Drinkin with Jesus' and more.

Jericho also adopts a more deeper and mature voice for most of the songs in this new album. It's a much better sound compared to the two albums I aforementioned.

The most interesting song in the entire album is definitely 'Three Days in Jail'. Jericho shares the song with another singer who raps. This is the first time that I think Fozzy has used any type of rap in any of their songs.

Think of it as Mike Shinoda when he used to rap in the older songs by Linkin Park.

The song truly has an early '00s feel to it. It's nu metal crossed with rap and I like it a lot.

In terms of my favorite songs on the album, the three that stand out to me are 'Judas', the very catchy 'Drinkin with Jesus' and the heavy tone of 'Wolves at Bay'.

'Three Days in Jail' is also a great song as I mentioned in the paragraph above.

Even though 'Judas' is one of the better Fozzy albums, it isn't without some flaws. For one, most of the songs in the middle start to sound all of the same.

I listened to the album for the first time through and the songs started to sound similar. While I was listening to it the first time, I didn't even know if the song had changed or not.

I would have loved if Fozzy added just a little bit more variety in the album so that the songs don't all sound the same. One ballad style song could also have been added to make the album sound less repetitive.

That said, the album gets better the more you listen to it though. The choruses start to become more memorable upon multiple hearings.

Anyway, 'Judas' by Fozzy is one of the best albums I have listened to in 2017. Jericho is improving as a song writer and singer.

I also admired the band going for a more heavy sound for this album compared to the screechy pop sound that dominated the last two albums.

This album is worth checking out if you like hard rock and/or nu metal.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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