Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance Is Still Trending In 2017

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Just when you thought everyone would be leaving the drama in 2016 (as is everyone's New Year's Resolution), things just don't seem to go Mariah Carey's way.

Her strange and controversial performance on New Year's Eve had everyone buzzing and the performance is still trending both number one and two on YouTube.

ViralVideos and scubafeet YouTube Channels both have the top two trending videos on YouTube and both videos happen to be the unfortunate performance from Carey. The performance was plagued with mishaps right from the beginning.

Carey was lip-syncing and unfortunately, things weren't going her way as the sound equipment was faulty.

"As we reported, Mariah's team believes DCP 'sabotage' her performance in order to score big ratings," according to a TMZ report.

"She claims she and her team repeatedly told production people the earpiece was not working but they assured her it would be fine when she got onstage and performed. It did not."

It looks like the entire fiasco will take time to be sorted out and to be forgotten by the millions of viewers all over.