Galantis' 'Runaway' Gets A DJ Mustard Remix

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While he is known for West Coast influenced Hip-Hop hits, DJ Mustard takes to remixing Galantis' "Runaway" adding his own twists and flare to song that has already been a steady riser on Billboard's Emerging artists chart.

(Audio Below)

"Runaway" is originally the EDM mastermind of Galantis. With DJ Mustard taking his shot at remixing the song, it's been reinvented in a way that still captures the core of the original.

Yes, there are hints of Hip-Hop inspiration however, it's more geared towards the "Trap" style of music which is often the perfect central point between EDM and Hip-Hop. It really shows how versatile DJ Mustard is in his craft.

Mustard is known for producing beats for some of the West Coast's hottest Hip-Hop artists like The Game and YG. So, it's a bit of a surprise that he would venture out into the world of EDM. However, in today's musical age artists are becoming much more experimental with music and it's been yielding some pretty awesome results.

"Runaway" has been in the top five of the Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart for some time now and they don't show any signs of being eliminated anytime soon. The DJ Mustard remix looks to have breathed new life into the track as it is sitting at number one on the chart as this article is being written.

Fans can check out the new remix below. Let us know in the comments if you think DJ Mustard did the track justice.

Listen to the "Runaway" DJ Mustard remix below.