Army Captain Brings Natural Grips to 'Shark Tank'

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As part of a special, Veteran's Day episode of "Shark Tank," a Captain in the Army Corps of Engineers presented the Sharks with Natural Grips, a solution to shield hands from injury while weight training.

Ashely Drake brought her company to the Sharks seeking $100,000 for 20% of her company.

"Yes, there are other hand protection devices," she said. "...And they don't work."

Natural Grips are based on your ring size and they are reusable.

Robert Herjavec tested the grips by doing pullups and was impressed.

Kevin O'Leary questioned the product's sale. Drake said the company has $178,000 in sales. She explained that she created the company due to problems she had working out where her hands would get cut while lifting.

She has a patent pending on the Natural Grip. Currently, the product is being made manually, but it could be mass produced. Currently, she can only make 3,000 units a month.

Lori Grenier dropped out first and Kevin O'Leary followed. Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Herjavec all seemed interested, but Cuban dropped out because he did not see enough ideas to build the company.

Herjavec offered $100,000 for 30%. John offered $100,000 for 40% and told Drake he could solve her manufacturing process. Herjavec countered by upping his offer to $125,000 for 25%, which John countered at $100,000 for 33%.

Drake accepted Herjavec's offer.

What are Natural Grips?

Natural Grips are made from a thin but durable Zinc Oxide, 100% cotton tape, which is custom fit to your hands based on ring finger size.

"The result is a comfortbale, breathable, streamlined grip that protects the hands throughout high-rep weight training, pull-ups, gymnastics and other activities that are hard on hands," according to the company's website.

The gloves will last three to six months, depending upon frequency of use.

The product is attached at the wrist with either wrist wraps or Natural Grip custom Goat Tape. The grips must be attached tightly so that they will not slip during your workout.

Natrual Grips can be purchased at