Section 60 Releases Welcome to the Dream Factory

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Today marks the date for the release of Section 60's latest EP Welcome to the Dream Factory. This EP takes a look into the frustrated psyche that the indie rock band's sound and lyrics derive from.

Five young and talented members from Sheffield in Northern England make up the indie rock and alternative band Section 60: Chris, Smit, Addy, Luke and Kyle. The band looks rough and rugged from the outside, with a blustering appearance and edgy haircuts, but the five guys from Secion 60 are taking a turn on their image by providing listeners and fans with sweetly sang ballads.

There are many different tracks on the EP, both deep and eerie tracks along with slow tracks with heavy lyrics. The songs have spooky guitar licks, stomping bass lines, soft ballads and deep choruses.

"The initial perception is that they would've slotted perfectly into the 90s boom of great bands from the North, but there's still something current, unexplored and original about these lads that isn't so obvious at first glance", a recent press release stated of the Northern English band, Section 60.

"It's a great skill to be able to shift the mood from the psychedelic unknown, to captivating indie anthems, to emotive ballads - it gives the band an unpredictability and shows a skill that really lifts their live shows."

Be sure to check out Section 60's latest release, Welcome to the Dream Factory for the best of indie rock music, both edgy songs and soulful ballads.

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