Mike Lo Releases 'Ms. Conception'

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Falling into the realm of good, I feel the need to share a giddy tune that I recently discovered.

A rap and pop single that has a little bit of everything. Mike Lo is the name of the artist who highlights the ever good qualities of a catchy hit single.

Along with his new video Ms. Conception, the song discusses a fresh love. One in which had high expectations and created larger disappointments.

The rush of a new infatuation can lead into destruction.

Lo shows that with both people doing their own share of misleading. But as the title says the true miss-leader goes to the female protagonist who makes an interesting change over at the end of the music video.

The song itself directly correlates to the images presented in the video. Lo creates a musical narrative of his accounts with Ms. Conception but begins the story right before she appears into Mike's present.

The new presence and happiness of his story is kept throughout the song with its upbeat tone. The whole vibe of the song is an upbeat one but cleverly disguises the bad vibes of the story itself.

It's one of those songs that you enjoy without having to go deep into the context of the story because of its airiness. But if you decide to go deeper, you'll appreciate the audio, the visual and the story.