Indie-Pop and Rock Soloist, Books on Fate, Releases New Single "Myth of Trust"

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Coming out with a new single is indie-pop and rock artist Books on Fate.

The artist from San Francisco, also known as Adam Dishart, has released his newest single "Myth of Trust", and it has definitely struck my attention.

As a fan of indie-pop and rock music, I definitely took a liking to this new track from Books on Fate. The lyrics and sounds of the track are similar to those of The Smiths, dark and emotive, intriguing and at times, heart-wrenching. Everyone could use that kind of song from time to time.

Books on Fate is known to "capture the alienation and wistfulness of youth" in his music, and that he surely does.

It is a much different and more desirable listen to that kind of music that gives you the "feels", opposed to popping in one of my mixed CD's from my high school emo days.

I am definitely looking for more to come from Books on Fate, for his lyrics and sound are perfect for those lonely, rainy days when all you want to do is lay in bed and listen to soft indie music.

Take a listen to the newest sinlge from this indie-pop artist, below! For more information and updates on releases from Books on Fate, be sure to visit