Bonnaroo Music Festival Preview: The Special Festival Experience

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Tennessee's music festival, Bonnaroo, has always been a unique experience from the other summer festivals in America.

From making a conscience effort to be earth friendly to the Super Jams, that invites big names to perform together, Bonnaroo has made an experience completely its own.

This four-day, multi-stage event will kick off Thursday, June 11th and continue through Sunday, the 14th.

The 700 acres of farmland will be host to 100+ acts including popular musicians such as Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Billy Joel.

The festival has a gathering of all kinds of music that caters to every music lovers taste.

Bonnaroo makes a clear effort to have as little negative impact on the earth as possible. "Respect for our surroundings isn't just our responsibility, it's a core value of who we want to be." They're fine with spending extra time and money in order to achieve this goal.

This is shown in contest prizes for those who choose to carpool and using a portion of the money from each ticket to go straight towards keeping the green facilities up to date.

The festival has a complete section dedicated to eco and social-activism called Planet Roo. Within the village, festival goers will be able to take seminars and classes about the earth and saving it.

Bonnaroo's super jams are especially unique. There are at least 2-3 jams a year. The super jam is a collection of musicians from what ever style of music is chosen as the central theme. The artists that perform during these jams are all preforming together, so every jam is a unique and once and a lifetime experience.

The people preforming on the stage never stay the same for long, as it's a transitional performance with musicians coming and going as they please. They've become the stuff of legends, like 2013's Funk Jam had R. Kelly, Ed Helms, one of the Punch Brothers, and one of the Avett Brothers playing together. This year the super jams are the Bluegrass Super Jam, lead by Ed Helms, and Throwback Super Jam.

Let's not forget the Silent Disco.

An event that requires the people in attendance to wear headphones, from which the music will be played through.

If a song comes on the you dislike, you can just slip off the headphones and watch everyone else dance to seemingly nothing and hear those few off tune singers belting out the song.

Bonnaroo has a collection of activities that entertain festival goers in between sets. This year the festival has taken a woodland area, that hadn't been used for anything yet, and turned it into The Grove.

Where one can go to chill in a hammock and listen to when ever surprise performance is going on.

The Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp will hold public lectures for festival goers that are taught by renowned musicians. The RBMABC will also hold special performances from national participants.