Will Darius Rucker Be the Opener for the American Country Countdown Awards?

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If you're a country music fanatic, then I can't imagine you're unexcited about the upcoming American Country Countdown Awards being broadcast on Fox in December.

What's that, you say? You didn't know about them? Well, read on, partner. You're bound to be happier than a pig in shit.

FOX, Cumulus and dick clark productions announced yesterday the television debut of the American Country Countdown Awards, bringing country music's longest-running radio countdown show to a national television audience for the first time. The two-hour live concert event will broadcast from Nashville on Monday, Dec.

15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX, and will honor the year's best country music with awards, thrilling performances, special moments and additional surprises.

Country music's biggest stars will participate in the show and also pay tribute to the first-ever "NASH Icons" award winner.

"American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks" celebrates its 41st year as America's longest-running country music countdown show on radio.

Since launching in 1973, the radio show now airs on more than 280 radio stations in 155 markets, covering 90% of the country. And now, it'll be on your television! Or computer, since most of you young'uns pirate everything, anyways.

"Fans of the 'American Country Countdown' are some of the most loyal and passionate fans around, so it's a natural next step to bring that popular brand to television," said Simon Andreae, Executive Vice President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX. "We can't wait to bring down the house in Nashville this December with some of the most popular names in country music."

Stars have not yet been announced, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Juliette Barnes and Rayna Jaymes to make an appearance. Oh. Wrong network. /0\

"The 'American Country Countdown' radio show is one of the most respected brands in country music, highlighting the most successful stars on country radio." said Mike Mahan, President of dick clark productions.

"We're committed to serving the needs of America's rapidly growing passion for country music," said John Dickey, Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Cumulus.

While the buzz is only just beginning, I already have my expectations bar set pretty damn high, and I'll tell you this: if I don't get to see Darius Rucker open the show, I don't know how I'll react.

But I'm sure it won't be pretty.