Why Was Howard Stern Gone Last Week? Bobo Thinks He Was Bitten By A Werewolf (Listen)

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A new episode of The Howard Stern Show unexpectedly wasn't on last Wednesday, and there was a general outcry from the fans, with everyone wondering what happened.

Where Was Howard Stern?

The show is live every Monday through Wednesday, except for planned vacation weeks. So when Howard and the gang didn't show up last Wednesday, people were really confused.

But according to Howard Stern, people weren't just confused -- there was an outcry. Howard noted that there was a reporter stationed outside of his condo for two whole days, who was looking to find out what happened to him.

And it wasn't just reporters who were wondering what happened.

Howard explained that his mother got hundreds of calls from people wondering what happened to him. He hadn't told his mother that he wouldn't be on, so his mother then called him freaking out about the situation.

Of course, with any unexplained media absence these days, rumors abound. People were guessing that Howard's father died, or that he had gotten into trouble with higher-ups at SiriusXM. And those were the more believable rumors.

Was Howard Stern Attacked By A Giant Lizard?

Then there was the explanation given to Bobo/Steve From Florida. Steve called in asking what happened to Howard, and here's what he was told:

Bobo/Steve From Florida: I was so worried that something happened...you know here I am ready for the show, and all the sudden, you know there was no show

Gary: Howard had some stuff going on

Bobo: He's okay now?

Gary: Hard to say...he got bit by a werewolf in London

Bobo: A werewolf? You serious? What's happening now?

Gary: Well, they're waiting to see the tests and uh, see if the werewolf was rabid...

Bobo: How the hell does something like this happen? What is he doing in London?

Gary: He flew out right after the show yesterday...we're waiting for a full moon to see how it all works out

Bobo: Holy crap...I knew something was going on...he alluded to the fact on Tuesday I believe, you know I do have something going on...now it's that, huh? Jesus Christ...I hope nothin' happens to him -- I'll be wrecked

Gary: So listen...I'm bustin your balls a little bit. Something really happened...the truth is, physically, he's fine. His apartment was destroyed by a giant lizard

Bobo: Giant lizard? It's funny you said that. I was saying to my students yesterday down here in Florida, where I live they come out of the sewers...it's constant they going all over the street the street. So when you say something like that, I can relate to that.

Gary: This one's like the size of a Prius, it's roaming the streets of New York, they're trying to catch up with it, it's getting bigger by the minute

Bobo: No BS, I lived through that as a kid...I'm traumatized to this day about sewers

Gary: This one breathes fire

Bobo: Breathes fire? No sh--t...Breathes fire, man.

Howard Stern Explains His Absence

In reality, however, things were much more mundane: Howard Stern had a cold. This morning he came into work because of the outcry from last week, but he still has the cold. Through the show, he was sniffling and hacking.

Although Howard wanted to be on the show today, he said that if he ended up feeling too sick, he'd end the show early and play some old material.

So there you have it, folks... Nothing to see here.

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